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Can I use my own command reservations?




I've a question about WFA reservations.


I've created a custom WFA worfklow to remove a vserver (and all its data volumes) with DR protection. This workflow consists of 2 parts:


1. Remove NFS vserver part 1

2. Remove NFS vserver part 2


The first part does the following setps:


1. Umount all data volumes

2. Offlining all data volumes

3. Destroy all data volumes (except root volume)

4. DR snapmirror update (all the volumes on DR peer will be automatically removed).

5. Rename vserver

6. Stop vserver

In order to get this accomplished, I've created a few custom WFA commands. My plan is to update a custum WFA SQL table which holds the names of vservers that are going to be removed. I need this information as input for the second part of the workflow.


This bring up to the question:  Can I use the reservation part of a command to update my custom SQL tabel?



Henk Snel





 Can I use the reservation part of a command to update my custom SQL tabel?


Absolutly. Go ahead. Reservations can be applied to all schemes ( WFA provided or Custom)



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