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Can WFA parse xml data ???




Can WFA parse and retrieve data from an XML file ?

if Yes how please provide assistance on how to do that ...




Re: Can WFA parse xml data ???


WFA can do (almost) anything you can require from an automation framework.  Yes, It can parse XML file. XML support is available with both Perl and Powershell, but its way too powerful in a Powershell code and that's what I would recommend.


For powershell commands, you need to use the following in your command code.


$FilePath = "C:\mydir\my.xml"

[xml]$xmlDoc = New-Object system.Xml.XmlDocument


or even simpler:


[xml]$xmldoc = Get-Content -Path C:\mydir\my.xml


Now you have an XML object with data contents with you. Do whatever you want to with it.


Examples? If you have WFA 3.0 you can look at WfaConfig.psm1 located at WFA\PoSH\Modules\WFAWrapper. 






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Re: Can WFA parse xml data ???


thanks for the Reply sinhaa


ll definitely try it out n get back if i have any problems.



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