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Can emailed reports be attached natively (non-zipped)?


I found discussion of my question in an old thread:


but the last discussion item in there was back in January 2012, and it also was referencing OC4.

I am working with OnCommand, Standard edition of DataFabric Manager server, version (5.1) Cluster-Mode, on a Win2008R2 SP1 x64 system.

Scheduled reports, emailed.   Emails are sent and received successfully.  However, I would like to have the reports sent in the selected format (e.g. html or csv) and *not* zipped.

In that old thread referenced above, there was mention this was scheduled to be added as an option.

Has the capability to email reports and not have the attachement zipped been added in OC 5.1?

I see the other work-around of changing the report directory to be in the webserver root, and that is a possible work-around, but preferred would be to send as desired.





Hi Jeff,

     I really have a trivial question, is there a specific reason why you dont want a zipped file ? Is it becasue zip files are not allowed in some email server ? etc ?

Can you help me understand the specific reason why you dont want zipped files ?




Hi Adai,

I would prefer native formats for ease of use of the reports.   If the report is sent in the native format (e.g. html) almost any device (e.g. phone or tablet) or mail client can view the report.   Having the report zipped at a minimum adds an extra step of unzipping (mail client), or at worst makes it unviewable without other software (e.g. iphone or ipad).  The whole point of emailing the reports out is to get eyes on them, so less barriers to that the better.



Completely agree from where you are coming from with this.

I again am puzzled. Some of the reports I want to go out to senior managers but have prevented in doing this because 1) my PDF formatting isn't working as expected and 2) this extra element where you have to unzip the file adds an unnecessary extra step.


Hi Jeff,

That feature has not changed, the reports are still mailed as zipped attachments. 

You can open a support case and request it be attached to bug 377759.




Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the reply and information.

I've taken a look at that Bug ID.... I wish NetApp was better about populating bug information.... all that is listed for it is "Bug information not available."   I'll create a case to at least add my voice to those seeing this as a needed feature.

Have you done any testing with, or knowledge of, OC6, specifically this issue? 

I have seen there is a beta program for it, but I have not applied for it.   It's interesting it is designed solely for ClusterMode.... that is good news to me - we have a deployed C-Mode install, and I hopeful some of the issues I am having with OC5.1 will be fixed by a version designed for C-Mode.




Hi Jeff,

I am not certain if UM 6.0 will behave in the same manner as UM 5.x in this regard as UM 6.0 is a rewrite, not an upgrade from UM 5.x code.

If you are able, I recommend that you participate in the beta and provide feedback.



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