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Can't clone the Create Volume Workflow


I am just starting to work on WFA scripting. My first task is to script volume creation so it conforms to our standards.


Part of our standards include snapmirror job creation for most volumes. I was able to successfully clone the "Create SnapMirror" command so I can customize it. However, I cannot clone the "Create Volume" command. Every time I try I get the following error. Any ideas? We are on WFA version 4.2, cdot WFA pack 1.4.2.



Validation of the reservation failed for the command : org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'INTO
NULL AS id, AS vserv' at line 4
Query is:
sql : 'CREATE PROCEDURE wfa.reservation_dummy_6a265dfc_f9fc_427d_910d_afc75605e06c(AQOSPolicyGroupName varchar(255),AggregateList varchar(255),AggregateListMultiplier int,AggregateName varchar(255),AntivirusOnAccessPolicy varchar(255),AutoDeleteOptions varchar(255),AutosizeIncrementSize bigint,AutosizeMaxSize bigint,AutosizeMode varchar(255),Cluster varchar(255),Compression varchar(255),Deduplication BOOL,EfficiencyPolicy varchar(255),EncryptVolume BOOL,ExportPolicy varchar(255),ExtendedVolum...
COMMENT 'cm_storage.Create volume (EBSCO)'
# Create a new volume INSERT...



Re: Can't clone the Create Volume Workflow


Problem solved. I upgraded to the new cdot 1.5.0 pack and was able to clone "Create Volume" successfully.

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