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Can the Execution Status Log be extracted


Is there a way to capture and retain the "Execution Status" log visible under the "Execution" Tab? In environments I've seen it appears to be self-purging record of workflow executions in the last month (approx). A pointer to where a file or SQL table is named/stored would be sufficient.

The execution logs contains detailed info (user-inputs, execution-plan, return-paramters, etc) which many customers would like to capture and retain on a longer term basis.



For every Workflow Execution job, there is a 'Download Logs" button available at the bottom right when you Click-open to see the execution details which allows you to save the Execution logs for that particular job.

@In environments I've seen it appears to be self-purging record of workflow executions in the last month (approx).


Its not purging, only not showing it on the Execution Page anymore. See this link:

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Good to know the number visible can be tuned and the number retained is much higher.

The background on what raised the question (i.e.; can it be extracted) is the desire to do some longer term analysis of workflow execution history. Use-cases include: a customer might capture a trouble ticket number field in a workflow (as a WFA UserInput) and later want to search WA workflow execution history to identify workflows referencing a set of ticket numbers (by looking at UserInput field value). Or, what workflows provisioned into a certain aggregate (by looking at Execution plans) of historical workflow runs.

The solution to these use-cases doesn't have to be 'to extract execution history' but I'm looking for a solution that allows programatic access to scan WF Execution history and works without concern of WFA purging exec history before our processing logic gets a chance to run. So I'm researching to find out of what we see in the Execution tab Execution History is a table in a database somewhere, or a set of XMLs files in a directory somewhere.

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