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Change IsFilesysSizeFixed volume attribute


I have a volume that is a cascaded volume that needs to be resized. To do this i have  1.  executed Snap mirror = 'broken off' ,  and 2. the volume attribute 'IsFilesysSizeFixed' needs to be changed to False, to allow the volume capacity to be changed.


With the SM , boken off ,


$PRE_check_IsFilesysSizeFixed=(get-ncvol -controller $connect_to_remote_peer_cluster_controller -volume $destination_vol).volumespaceattributes.IsFilesysSizeFixed


this returns "True"



 I've read that the only way to change this setting from True to False , is to 'Initialise-NcObjectProperty' pre and post , then run something like....  'update-ncvol -query $pre -Attributes $post' , which seems a convoluted way , to just change a volume attribute , like so ...


$PreTemplate = Get-NcVol -Template

Initialize-NcObjectProperty -Object $PreTemplate -Name VolumeSpaceAttributes


$PRE_CHECK_OF_TEMPLATE_IS_FILESYS_FIXED=$PreTemplate.VolumeSpaceAttributes.IsFilesysSizeFixed = $MH_destination_vol



write-host "PRECHECK - the vol VolumeSpaceAttributes IsFilesysSizeFixed Attribute is set to `"$PRE_CHECK_OF_TEMPLATE_IS_FILESYS_FIXED`" - this needs to be changed to FALSE"

$PostTemplate = Get-NcVol -Template

Initialize-NcObjectProperty -Object $PostTemplate -Name VolumeSpaceAttributes

$PostTemplate.VolumeSpaceAttributes.IsFilesysSizeFixed = $false

write-host "I want to change it to : false , please wait ... running update-ncvol ...."

Update-NcVol -Query $PreTemplate -Attributes $PostTemplate

$POST_CHECK_OF_TEMPLATE_IS_FILESYS_FIXED=$PreTemplate.VolumeSpaceAttributes.IsFilesysSizeFixed = $MH_destination_vol




is this really the only method to change a volume attribute ?





Re: Change IsFilesysSizeFixed volume attribute




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