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Command for NTFS Permissions rather than Share Permissions


Does anyone have a command, or know the code to create a command, to set NTFS Pemissions on a Qtree/Share rather than Share permissions? The current command of "Set CIFS Share ACL" appears to only work with share permissions.



Re: Command for NTFS Permissions rather than Share Permissions


Hi Branden,

I don't know anything about the 'Set CIFS share ACL', but I don't think you can set NTFS permissions from the Filer like you do for share permissions.

On NetApp Filer, The command 'cifs access' sets or modifies the share-level Access Control List only, not the folders/files beneath that share.  The folder/file permsissions are set through the security tab in Windows Explorer.


On the side note:
One way to see both permissions would be via Windows MMC (Computer->Manage->Connect to filer->Shared Folders->Properties). This should bring up both Share Permissions and Security tabs.

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