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Config Advisor 5.1 does not work with serial connection to FAS


Tried both with 7-Mode and C-Mode. In both cases serial port definitely works with PuTTY, speed in Device Manager is correct (9600 for the hardware in question). If NetApp console is connected, adding new job and pressing Validate results in


ERROR: 'Stopping Data collection through SplSerial. Exception on COM2 - 'SplSerialConnection' object has no attribute 'hostname''

To verify I tried without anything connected to port at all and I get other error, so apparently CA does attempt to contact FAS:

ERROR: 'Stopping Data collection through Serial. Login/Transport on COM3 - 'No response from the serial connection.''

Nothing in logs except the above message.


Note that it is not ucommon to have customers who do not allow attaching to their network and serial post remains basically the only possibility.


Oh, and when I chose Device Based data collection job, it does not even offer me serial port!


Really frustrated. And this after so well working older versions ... Smiley Frustrated


P.S. WTF, why must I label this post with entirely meaningless label?



What's the FAS/AFF model number?

Recent models use 115200 instead of 9600 boud.



Plese disregard.

Just saw that you said Putty is working fine.


regards, Niels