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Config Advisor Issues


I recently downloaded Config Advisor 5.1 and have experienced problems ever since. The main issue: collection jobs don't work anymore. When I expand to see log entries, I get this:



No log results
*showing last 100 lines of log



It looks like it's trying to run for quite some time, then times out and says "failed". Any ideas?


Also: even back in 5.0 I had this issue. IE is the default browser so Config Advisor opens in IE, which is unsupported. I bookmarked the CA URL in Chrome, but the bookmark only works if I first open the nonfunctional CA in IE. Then I can close IE and everything continues to work in Chrome until I close it. Any ideas as to why I have to open IE first? Also: can the default browser for CA be changed?



Well ... that was quick. I reinstalled it and now it's working.


Still would like any advice on loading Chrome when I launch the software. It's weird - if I close Chrome and re-open it while still logged into the same Windows session, Config Advisor starts without issue. But if I log off and on again, open Chrome and click the link - it doesn't work. I have to open it in IE again before it works in Chrome.