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Copying data out of WFA: how to get the results of a job


I'm currently using WFA in a product environment to create storage volumes and whilst the scripting aspects of it make provisioning the storage. there is one aspect that is difficult: getting the name of the volume path.


Why is that difficult?


When I execute the a workflow with WFA, the various steps in the "Execution Plan" all light up green and the volumes/qtrees created are put into the "Return parameters" tab.


When I go to that "Return parameters" tab, I cannot select the data presented there for copying out.


I am forced to manually transcribe what's presented in the "Returns parameters" tab.


Is there a workaround for this?

Some other way to get the volume path, share names, etc, that a workflow creates so that it can be easily copy and pasted for use elsewhere?


Kind Regards,





Hi Daren,


In your WFA command you can add the data you require as a return parameter. EG:


Add-WfaWorkflowParameter -Name "MountPoint" -Value $mountPoint -AddAsReturnParameter $True



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Let me try to explain the problem better.


I run a WFA workflow and when I watch the execution, there are a number of panels.


It is not possible to highlight the information in any of those panels so that it can be copied into the cut-n-paste buffer and pasted elsewhere.


Therefore if I am using WFA to (for example) allocate volumes and generate volume names then it is not possible to copy the new volume name out of WFA's display.


I have to type the new volume name in myself.


How do I fix that?


WFA allocates a volume name, determins which SVM, etc.


Why can't I cut-n-paste the entire NFS share path from WFA's Return Paramters tab?


Why does the automation introduce a manual task of needing to type in whatever is in the Return Parameters?





Yes we can't copy the return parameters  from the "Return parameters" tab. 


If return parameter is used as input parameter for command in the workflow, those return parameter values can be copied from "execution plan" tab.



Veerendranadh CH




If writing into an xcel sheet is a solution, you can look into one of the workflow

in the "Offline Lun Import" pack available at http://automationstore.netapp.com.

The LUNs which are imported are logged into the xcel sheet. You can modify

the code and use it for your needs.



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