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Custom data source load error


I am having an intermittent problem with loading a table into my custom schema.  I am getting the table.csv file (mine is named controller.csv) error message "The file named controller.csv required to populate tablecustom.controller was not found."

I am sure the file is in the jboss/standalone/tmp/wfa directory, as I have modified the data source script to output "pwd" and "dir" before and after I copy the file into the directory.  What I am noticiing is that the file does not exist in the directory after the "aquire now" fails.

Deleting the dictionary entry, schema, data source load script and data source: then recreating all of them sometimes fixes the problem.

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Re: Custom data source load error



    Datasource acquisition failure will not delete the .CSV files. But what can happen entirely depends on what is your DataSource Type Script is doing. I suspect the problem is hiding in there itself. We can debug it, but it would need me to look at your script.

If you can send me your Data Source Type ( export it as .dar file ) by mail to sinhaa at netapp dot com , I can have a look at it and try to give you a solution.

Also some information I need:

  1. WFA version
  2. What is the datasource that you are trying to acquire.
  3. Powershell version.


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