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Customize Contents of Emails from DFM


How can I customize the body of the email notifications that are sent to recipients from Data Fabric manager regarding Volume Full alerts?

Documentation states something about the Mailformat text file but how do I access that file to edit it.


Re: Customize Contents of Emails from DFM


I also like to know how to customize email alerts.  Specifically, customizing the Subject email.

Re: Customize Contents of Emails from DFM


Hi ARSEN3790,

IIRC, The 'dfm mailmap import <file>' CLI in DFM 5.x is to modify the default 'user-quota alert' email notification format alone and not applicable for the other events.

Refer to the details in Page 141 of the 5.2.1RC1 Administration Guide available here:

This analogous feature is available in UM6.x also from 6.1 release.

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