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.DAR failed to import


Hi Team,

I have a .dar that was written in 2.0.1 that is refusing to import into 2.1. I have attached the autosupport. Can anyone take a peek and give me any hints or clues?

Also, to connect to the the new UM 6.0 the instructions say to create a new DataBase User however in UM I only have the option to create a Storage user. Same thing? I ask since I'm getting a host refused error message and am wondering if I have to set up a trust somewhere. I am correct in the fact that I don't need to run anything on the new OCUM 6.0 VM correct?




Hi Keith,

We need the DAR file you used in import, to analyze the error. So please do attach the DAR file.


Sure. Here is the .Dar file. It was a workflow written by Yaron Regev.


Thanks Keith. A defect has been logged and this is being looked into.



Hi Keith,

Addressing your question around a new UM 6.0 DB user, here are the steps you'd take to do that:

  • Log into your UM 6.0 box as an administrator
  • click on the 'administration' link in the top right menu
  • select 'manage users' from the dropdown list
  • in the top left on the 'manage users' window, select '+add' button
  • When the dialog window pops up, change the type of user from 'local user' to 'database user'
  • Add your user name and credentials
  • once saved use the new user and password you just created in WFA.

Hope this helps,



Thanks Kevin...That was silly of me, I saw local user and assumed it meant Local versus Domain rather than Local versus Database. Me reading too fast.




Hi Keith,

On your other question:

The autosupport logs you have attached indicates that there was an exception thrown during the import, leading to import failure.

Looks like the DAR that you were trying to import had workflows that used the 2.0.1 version of Create VSM command.

We can file an internal issue on this. Can you provide the DAR file used for the import.



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