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DFM 4.0.2D12 is available


DFM 4.0.2D12 was posted on 06-JUN-2012. 

This release is a roll up of all of the fixes in the existing 4.0.2 patches in addition to the new fixes listed below.

Anyone running a version of DFM lower than 4.0.2D12 should make plans to create a backup and upgrade to this release.  In addition, a long term plan should be developed to move to a 5.x release.




Operations Manager, Protection Manager, Provisioning Manager - 4.0.2D12

Date Posted: 06-JUN-2012

Bugs fixed in 4.0.2D12 since 4.0.2D11:


Snapvault transfers using ndmpd.preferred_interface on the primary storage system fail


Protection Manager fails to expire hourly snapshots on the backup node


DataFabric Manager may take more time to update the SnapMirror relationship details and SQL service may cause high CPU utilization.


Data transfer reports stopped updating for relationships originating from Open Systems SnapVault and DFMMonitor logs are spammed with error messages


Snapmirror monitoring very slow due to reading of snapmirror logs


CVE-2011-3192 Apache Range Header DoS in DFM and OnCommand



Two quick questions:

1) Any caveats if  upgrading from (4.0.1D5)

2) I understand that one wants to migrate to OnCommand Core/Host v5.0/v5.1 now.  Does one need to be at v4.0.2D12 or better first, or can one go directly from v4.0.1D5?



Ensure you have a DFM Db backup before upgrading then you can proceed directly either to 5.0.2 or 5.1 from 4.x. 

If you were hitting bug 439756, the background post-upgrade processing could take some time to complete as the 5.X code will automatically run the workaround after a successful upgrade as well as on a regular basis afterwards.

OC UM Core 5.1 will split your DFM server into either 7mode or clustered mode, so if you have a mixed environment be aware that you will have to make that decision during the upgrade.


There is no caveats to upgrade from 4.0.2D12 from 4.0.1D5.

Also upgrade from any version to any higher version is supported. But its recommended to only go two major version higher at a time.



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