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DFM 5.2 - Very slow to update volume space


We are in the process of upgrading most of our environment to OCUM 6.3, but we still have some devices that cannot go to 6.3 so we still have DFM 5.2 running on Windows. We have noticed that it is taking over 1 hour for the system to notice that volume gets over 90% and then alert. The "Full Threshold Interval" is set to 0 (Zero) seconds. I have checked everything I can think of. If I monitor the volume via "Manage Storage: Volumes" and just hit refresh, it does alert as soon as it see's it is over 90%, but it takes over 1 hour for it to show the increase. I have even tried right clicking on the volume and telling it to refresh the sample, but it still takes over 1 hour. Any thoughts are appreciated. 



We have been noticing the same issue recently. Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Hi Guys,


Have you run a dfm diag to check what your default monitoring option values are set to? What's the default value of "dfTimestamp" in your environment?


I would advise proceeding with caution if you choose to modify the frequency of your monitoring though as you need to consider the network impact especially in large environments. If you choose to modify the monitoirng options i'd recommend changing these gradually and monitoring the impact. Also You can fine tune options for individual volumes if you have some workloads that require more frequent monitoring



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Here is the output from dfm_diag with all of our personal identifying info removed.






Here is the current info as of 7:36am today (3/10)


Timestamp Name Status Interval Default Last Updated Status Error if older than ...
dfTimestamp Error 10 minutes 30 minutes 10 Mar 07:09 Normal 10 Mar 07:00

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