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DFM Equivalent Reports in OCUM 6.x


Hi all


I liked and quickly got used to the way you could create reports and customise OCUM 5 with the DFM backend. Out of the box OCUM 6.3 has very little reports I can actually use.


I used to run - Data volume growth, volume allocated vs used plus breakdown of each tier of storage. There doesnt seem to be a way of achieving this easily without cracking open BIRT - which is another product to learn with very little time.


Is anyone else having issues with the lack of reports OCUM 6 delievers? DFM OCUM seemed to have a lot more that where very useable.



I'm having the same problem here.  We used to use DFM reports to send replication data to our customers.  Since migrating to c-mode and UM, these aren't available.  I've tried opening a ticket with Netapp for creating a custom report containing the fields we need, but in two weeks I'm still waiting and their only suggestion so far has been to check these forums.  😕


Oh dear thats not good - I did see that you can create your own using the eclipse reporting software. Personally I dont think thats acceptable given how friendly and out of the box OCUM 5.2 was for reporting.


Also pointed towards grafana and graphite which aren't supported by NetApp so it makes me slightly nervous to depend on a 3rd party for enterprise reporting.