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DFM HowTO create custom report with Netapp System ID and disks





In DFM operation manager gui, i tried to create a custom report for inventory, but unfortunately i was not able to find the netapp.systemID.


So i checked in command line the filed name :


:~> dfm report view inventory help

Catalog Field                                 Field Name                                    Format
--------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------
Controller.Model                              Controller Model
Controller.OSVersion                          Controller OS Version
Controller.SerialNumber                       Controller Serial Number
StorageSystem.Id                              Storage System Id
Controller.Id                                 Controller Id
Controller.FullName                           Controller Full Name
Disk.Shelf                                    Disk Shelf
Disk.SerialNumber                             Disk Serial Number
Disk.FirmwareRevision                         Disk Firmware Revision



An example of output report :

Controller Model Controller OS Version    Controller Serial Number    Storage System Id     Controller Id        Controller Full Name        Disk Shelf     Disk Serial Number   
----------------         ---------------------------            ------------------------                -----------------            ------------            ---------------------                    ----------          -------------------- 
FAS2040             8.1.4P6 7-Mode               20000xxxxxxxx                          19382                    19382                systemnamexxxx                       4            diskserialnumberxxxxx 

And in the default storage-systems, i've found the field name for systemID but i'm not able to retrieve/use it in my custom report :
:~> dfm report view storage-systems help
         objId                Object ID
         hostType             Type
         objStatus            Status
         hostFullName         Storage System
         productModel         Model
         productSerialNum     Serial Number
         productId            System ID


I don't know why in my custom report the Controller.Id or StorageSystem.Id doesn't give the real systemID like in the default report storage-systems !

Someone could help me or have an idea ?