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DFM Sybase Permissions



I've created a DSN on my workstation to the DFM database on the DFM Server and can see all the tables using the Sybase Central client but how do I grant the sql login permissions to perform select statements?  Without knowing the passwords to either the DBA, DBO or SYS sql logins?

I've been following the instructions laid out under section 3.5 of the document below but it doesn't seem to mention assigning permissions to the database user you create.

I'm obviously missing something, any help would be greatly appreciated.





OK, i've just noticed that I can see the data by using the views built in to the db which the aforementioned document does actually mention... my bad!


Did you get any luck getting ways to query the tables in the DFM database? It got to be using users other than the one created per the instruction since it is limited to access views only by design.


OK, whilst the views have helped a little in terms of seeing the data.  I would like to export the data using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) into a SQL Server database and have the data refreshed on a periodic basis so we can easily report on it using SSRS (Reporting Services).  This is easily achieved within SQL Server but I need more permissions to be able to extract the data from Sybase.

So my original question actually still stands.  How do I grant additional permissions to the DFM Database User that I have created and/or find out the passwords to the built in Sybase database users DBA, DBO, SYS etc?

or am I stuck with exporting the data from the views using the DFM command line & then using SSIS to import these flat files into a MSSQL database?  Can you schedule the 'export' to flat file?

One final question...

Does anyone know whether MSSQL will be supported in the next release of Operations Manager?

Thanks in advance.


Only views can be exported or queried, but not the other db tables.



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