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DFM alerts going missing


I'm sure I'm missing something, but I'm at a loss, and was hoping someone could help me out.  I'm using DFM/Operations Manager 4.0.2.  I have an event that triggered an email.  I can use the link in the email to get to the event, and see that it is neither deleted nor acknowledged.  But it doesn't show up in the list of events I get from clicking on the "Error" link on the main page, nor can I find it using any of the Event reports.

If I generate the "unacknowledged events" report, and scroll down the list, I can see that I'm skipping event IDs.  Where are they going?  How do I get a full listing?




Re: DFM alerts going missing


Arghh.  Found it.  So the event goes away when the condition clears.  It wasn't in "unacknowledged" because it was no longer active.  I didn't see it in History because the report defaulted to the 2nd page and I didn't notice.  It was on the first page.


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