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DFM and Cloning


I have a customer who wants to use Protection Manager with SMO to perform backups.  We have it set up now to do so (Local snapshot then snapmirror to destination), however custy wants to do on-demand cloning of the destination volume via PM.  I'm not sure how to do this, for PA is not setup to do this (as far as I know).  So, I was thinking of making an empty policy with an embeded script to do this and just add the destination volume they want to clone in a dataset with this policy.  Problem is how can I get the script to grab the destination volume name to perform the clone without manually passing it as an argument?


If this can't be done, is the only solution to go with WFA?


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Re: DFM and Cloning


Nevermind.  I'll just hardcode the destination volume in the script...

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