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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

DFM backup error


having issues getting dfm backups to run.

It keeps stopping with a error about database validation returned errors.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Log is below

I. 06/12 10:06:57. Trying to start TDS (TCPIP) link ...

I. 06/12 10:06:57. Unable to start on default port; starting on port 49155 instead

I. 06/12 10:06:57.     TDS (TCPIP) link started successfully

I. 06/12 10:06:57. Now accepting requests

I. 06/12 10:10:56. Cache size adjusted to 1042600K

I. 06/12 10:11:56. Cache size adjusted to 1074672K

I. 06/12 10:12:56. Cache size adjusted to 1080248K

I. 06/12 10:13:56. Cache size adjusted to 1086648K

I. 06/12 10:14:56. Cache size adjusted to 1088552K

I. 06/12 10:15:56. Cache size adjusted to 1202856K

I. 06/12 10:16:57. Cache size adjusted to 1284296K

I. 06/12 10:17:57. Cache size adjusted to 1364576K

I. 06/12 10:18:57. Cache size adjusted to 1381320K

I. 06/12 10:19:57. Cache size adjusted to 1397168K

I. 06/12 10:20:57. Cache size adjusted to 1407272K

E. 06/12 10:21:16. *** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 200610 (

E. 06/12 10:21:16. Attempting to normalize a non-continued row (0xb60:0x0)

I. 06/12 10:21:20. Connection terminated abnormally

I. 06/12 10:21:20. Disconnected SharedMemory client's AppInfo: IP=;HOST=xxxx;OS='Windows Vista Build 6002 Service Pack 2';PID=0x2330;THREAD=0x1bf4;EXE='d:\NetApp\DataFabric Manager\Sybase\ASA\win32\dbvalid.exe';VERSION=;API=DBLIB;TIMEZONEADJUSTMENT=600

I. 06/12 10:21:21. Database server shutdown requested by DBSTOP

Jun 12 10:21:21 [dfm: INFO]: [8560:0x227c]: dbstop process returned successfully.

Jun 12 10:21:23 [dfm:ERROR]: [8560:0x227c]: Database validation returned errors.

Please see dfmbackup.log file for details.

Jun 12 10:21:23 [dfm:ERROR]: [8560:0x227c]: Database validation returned errors.

Please see dfmbackup.log file for details.




Did you manage to correct the DFM DB backup problem?




Hello, i have same problem, my point of view is corrupt database

*** ERROR *** Assertion failed: ... but another number


Yes, seems like a db corruption.

I guess you should open a support case.

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