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DataOntap 8.1.2 minimun



I am browising Interoperability Matrix Tool and trying to figure out what is the minimun NetApp software requirements.

Is there an easy way or list of NetApp software just for 8.1.2 version?





As far as I know there is no easy way due to the way the matrix is setup. If you have a list of software that you are wondering about let me know as I still have my 8.1.2 upgrade notes.


Heh you just published  my thoughts 🙂

I was browsing matrix yesterday for hours trying to figure out, but did not really get what i was looking for.
The list of software is below:

Unified Manager Core (Operations Manager/DFM)

Snapdrive fro Windows

Snapmanager for Exchange

Snapmanager SQL

Snapmanager Virtual Infrastructure

System Manager

Management Console

Virtual Service console

Netapp DSM

Single MailBox Recovery (SMBR)

Protection Manager

NetApp Windows Host Utilities

THank you in advance



Here is my list straight out of Evernote:

  • OnCommand Unified Manager aka DFM
    • 5.1 *5.0 may work however we were already running 5.1*
  • DSM (Windows)
    • 3.5 *3.4 or higher required by SnapDrive 6.4*
  • Host Utilities (Windows)
    • 6.0.1 *6 or higher required by SnapDrive 6.4*
  • SnapDrive (Windows)
    • 6.4.2 *6.4.2 or higher required for 8.1.2*
  • SnapManager for Exchange (Windows)
    • aka 6.0.2R1
  • SnapManager for SQL (Windows)
  • System Manager
    • 2.1
  • Virtual Storage Console
    • 4.1P1 (4.0 will work but I'm not sure if its "supported")

Somethings to consider:

  • SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure is now included in Virtual Storage Console (aka VSC)
  • Protection Manager and the "Management Console" are apart of OnCommand Unified Manager. I'd recommend upgrading to 5.1 as it seems to be pretty stable (we have been running it since last summer)



Thanks Dan for your help.


Good Evening Dan,

Would you please share your 8.1.2 upgrade notes with me?

I'm planning to upgrade to 8.1.2 as well.

Thanks in advance & Happy Wednesday


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