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Datasource Acquisition Status Report


We had a need for datasource acquisition reporting after experiencing a couple of failures due to expired/changed passwords or timeouts when trying to connect to the endpoints. After implementing the fantastic Workflow Job Execution Status Report by @sinhaa I wanted to see if the same could be done for datasource acquisitions.


If you haven't already seen Sinhaa's workflow you can read about it here:


After taking a look at the REST API programmer's guide I started to reverse engineer sinhaa's code to pull the same information regarding datasource acquisitions. I removed the job scheduling command (I use the recurring schedules), added the datasource acquisition command, and updated the email to place the datasource acquisition table after the workflow table to lessen the amount of emails we receive.







The solutions is 3 years old. Though it  still works, the logic used to build the execution status reports is outdated now.


WFA4.1+ provides REST APIS /workdlows/jobs to get list of all job executions.


I'll update the workflow if requested.


About using recurring schedules, I would still prefer the scheduler command. Recurring schedules works for simplest cases but too rigid for even a medium-level complex scheduling task. Besides being rigid you can't even schedule the start day for the execution.


In your example if you want weekly status reports every Sunday starting from 15-APR-18 ( today's date 4-APR-18) on wards. So this can't work with recurring schedules. The recurring schedular  starts execution with immediate effect . So in your case you first execution status resport will get launched on 8-APR-18 which you don't want.


Programatic solution allows lots of room to manoeuvre, modify as you want.


Anyway, anything that works for you is good.


Keep posting and sharing your cool stuff with the community.







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