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Date time serialization



                     This is pretty much a sql question however it is behaving differently in mysql workbench and WFA. Here is my query.

SELECT round((CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() + 0),0) as datetm;

In sql workbench it returns correctly in WFA it returns in Scientific notation. Is it possible to force large int notation? I could probably break it up and do date and time and concatenate it during string building. Unless someone has another way to setup a date code?

Many thanks for your time.



Re: Date time serialization


You didn't mention what scientific notation is returned by WFA and where? I've tried this as a User-Input query and I get the result on format : yyyyMMddhhmmss

SQL yog returns the same. DB visualizer returns as: 2.0140819014506E13

So perhaps the client formats the output before displaying it.

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