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Diffrences in DFM 5.x and OCUM 6.x


Is there any possible mapping between DF 5.x and OCUM 6.x from the API perspective.

There were major properties (API) are missing in OCUM 6.x which were there with DFM 6.x.

  1. Is the Host completely removed from DFM 6.x? If not then is there any other way to get the information of it? If yes then what is the rationale and what has it been replaced with? is is the Cluster?
  2. To get the performance counters we need to use OCUM API services since 6.x environment?
  3. As there are 2 sources one is “netapp-manageability-sdk” (Java API) and other is OCUM API services (REST API). Which one is the recommended source to have a programatic glance on enviroment.
  4. Some of the objects we have identified are Vserver, infinite/FlexVol volumes and Cluster.
    We are assuming infinite and Flexvol volumes will ultimately map with Volumes itself those are just the type of volumes. Is the assumption correct?

    Are these elements can be considered as key elements to have a glance on clustered environment? 

    Any highlight on this would be helpful.




Thanks for your response !!

I understand this branding stuff but i am expecting this from API perspective.
Though this wrappers has changed we are still managing same hardware resources.

So to have a keen watch on my resources i need to write some scripting (in java).

Now the problem is some of the API was there with DFM 5.x and prior versions but since OCUM major API's are not there in the documentation.

A big example for this is Host.

So is it the case that we  cannot have a concept like Host since OCUM 6.x?