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Display of OSSV status in Protection Manager not correct


Hi Team,

adding a Host in Protection Manager for OSSV-handling I provide all credentials (NDMP and Host Agent) and get irritating results.

Ops Manager 4.0

Management Console 3.0

Host Agent 2.7

OSSV 2.6.1

On the Host everything is installed: OSSV and Host Agent plugins. Services restarted and up.

In Protection Manager the Host view => OSSV shows NDMP credentials good and status up.

Host Agent is not detected but doing a diagnose results in no problems and displays that the host agent has been identified on Port 4092.

Doing a refresh results in no changes.

Doing a refresh in Ops Manager for the destination controller => no changes in the status of the host agent in Prot. Mgr.

Is there a possibility to discover this agent anywhere else?

Is it necessary to do a discovery in a special way to accelerate the discovery of the OSSV agent?

Many thanks,

regards Michael




I experience the same issue with onCommand 5.0D1, OSSV 3.01 and ntap host agent 2.7D1.

Running dignostic OSSV agent is up on 4092, but in console view it remains not detected.

Do you finally found something for this problem.

Thanks in advance for your reply




I'm having the same problem here:


Can someone please help?


Hi Shawn,

I tried what really happend with host agent without success, in some case that works, in others not.

But host agent is only used for very specific use  like file SRM, in most case you don't need agent for OSSV task (basically backup/restore)

Just have to set user with svconfigurator.exe  snapvault-->ndmp account and set password svpassword.exe



Hi Francois,

     The only functionality that NHA ( NetApp Host Agent) bring to the table, is the ability to remotely  ( from NMC) start or stop OSSV services. Other wise its not required.

Pls open a support case and see if they can help you with this.





     In the first place Host Agent is not required for OSSV backups.It only helps in remotely starting an stopping OSSV service from DFM.

Did you set the credentials for your host agent ?

Can you do a dfm host diag <agentname or id> your agent and share the output.

Also you may consider upgrading to 4.0.1 the GA release of 4.0.




Hi Adai,

this is a customer installation.

I can ask for the output.

Yes, the credentials are set and are all right.

The Diagnose in Protection Mangager was all right with no problems!

The only problem is what Protection Manager is showing on the Host-View.

There it says that the Host Agent is not detected.

Everything works fine with the backup, but the customer is irritated because of this.

I will ask if they are able to upgrade.

Is this possible without loosing historical data in the database?

Many thanks,

regards Michael



Are they doing anything with Host Agent or planning to do with it ?

Can you also get the output of installcheck output from the ossv host ?

Yes, upgrades are seamless and not data is lost in the process.

For added security you can take backup of dfm db before upgrade and keep it.

In the event of unexpected failure you can restore this db and come back online



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