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Does Harvest 1.6 supports AIQUM as data source?


We are planning to decomm OCUM and use AIQUM. Currently, harvest is utilizing OCUM for capacity reporting in grafana. Once we decomm OCUM, we want to use AIQUM as datasource for capacity reporting through harvest in grafana.



I am using AIQUM version 9.7 with harvest 1.6.1 and it works perfectly for me.

I also didn't have to make any changes after upgrading from OCUM to AIQUM.

@johannes_mitterer Thank you very much for the reply! Below is the block in harvest.conf for collecting AIQUM data. But, it fails. Any idea?


hostname =
group = ttc
host_type = OCUM
data_update_freq = 600
normalized_xfer = b_per_sec
auth_type = password



This is the configuration I am using:


hostname = XXXX
group = AT0001
host_type = OCUM
data_update_freq = 900
normalized_xfer = gb_per_sec
username = ocum_har
password = 
host_port = 443


What error messages do you see in your logs?

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