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Emulate vFiler DR in Clustered DOT Vservers


Has anyone done any work on using WFA in Clustered ONTAP to emulate vFiler DR?  I am interested in two aspects: (a) automating as many every day tasks as possible in the target Vserver so that you don't have to manually create shares in both the source and target Vserver and (b) automating the switch from the source vserver to the target vserver.  Thanks.



Hi Roger,

I was working on an initial 'Vserver DR' workflow today.  I'm nowhere near complete with this... and there are many other priorities in the way, etc.  I have to admit that I am probably not considering everything that needs to be taken into account for the various use cases there could be... however... here are some of my initial thoughts on Vserver DR. 

Proposed Workflow:

  • User Input to select source Cluster & Vserver
  • User Inputs to identify Destination Vserver (initially thinking the destination Vserver does not exist)
  • User Inputs to identify starting LIF Network information
  • Workflow Steps:
    • create destination Vserver with the same configuration as the source Vserver
    • Identify all Data LIFs for source Vserver and replicate on destination Vserver and create same number of Data LIFs on destination Vserver with User Input info for destination network configs.
    • Identify all export policies/rules for source Vserver and create same on destination Vserver
    • Identify all volumes for source Vserver, and create destination volumes with same characteristics
    • Create cluster peering relationship (or require/validate that the sample workflow for Creating Cluster Peering Relationships has been used)
    • Create Cluster VSM relationships for every source Vserver volume
    • Start VSM Initialization Basedline Transfer for every volume.

Again, these are the initial thoughts.  Complete by no means, and .... no idea of when this will be completed and augmented.

Looking forward to other responses that might be further along in this effort!




Anything ever get produced in WFA for this?


Interested in some form of automated DR with cDOT using WFA.  There has to be someone out there that did this.. Anyone?


You need to wait for a few more days for Vserver DR workflows.

This will be posted in by July end.

This will work with 8.3.1RC1.


For previous versions of ONTAP, there is a VServer Config replication workflow

which can be used for DR setup. However this is a Professional Services supported workflow.

You need to reach out to NetApp Professional Services to get this workflow.

I know for sure that this is being used by couple of customers.





I'm part of the EVP and already have the workflows, but i'm looking for the PS workflows before hand.  I will contact PS


You can send me a mail at abhit at netapp dot com to get a ps contact persons name for the SVM config replication





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