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Enabling cache for some attributes


Hi folks,

I'm working on a workflow to protect/failover Vserver, so far it works fine with basic volume options.

But I want to duplicate source volume properties like unix_permissions and security_style for example, and I have two problems with that :

  • Unix permissions not cached

Since this attribute is not cached, I can't apply it to my DR volume (i.e. SourceVolume.unix_permissions returns null)

I tried changing the data source entry but basically, it looks like I need to create a whole new datasource with a custom scheme because it wouldn't let me change cm_storage

Is there a workaround to this ?

  • Security style NULL

I cannot apply that property to my new volume either because it looks like it is NULL, despite the fact it appears as UNIX in the UI

Thanks for your help ! I'm getting close to have a usable DR solution for Vserver :

- Create DR vserver

- Create volumes and mirrors

- Failover vServer

- Break mirror

- Mount volumes



Hi Yann,

Can you confirm what version of WFA you are using?  I know there was another acquisition table added for WFA 2.0.1, but I honestly don't know right now if it will fit your need.  There are also might be an answer in the upcoming release of WFA 2.1, but again... I will have to check internally if that information will be cached in order to facilitate what you're trying to doing.



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