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Enabling the "Global Database Read" capability


     When trying to create a "read only" user within OCUM 5.1 we have enabled the following:

User has the GlobalRead role

User has the GlobalReport role

User has a custom role, which inherits from GlobalRead with the capability enabled for the Global group.

I am still getting:

[a45wdzz@nasnom02 ~]$ dfm user list

Error: To use the list command, you must have Global DFM Database Read capability.

[a45wdzz@nasnom02 ~]$ dfm controller list

There are no controllers.

There are several pieces of documentation that reference the "global database read" capability, but that is not a listed role and I don't see any other references inside the GUI to this capability, other than on that global group. 

Any help?




Granting the "GlobalRead" role to a user account is the same as "global database read".  It grants the user account read-only access to the entire DB and allows them to view anything within DFM (a.k.a. OnCommand Unified Manager) in a read-only fashion.  You should not need to grant the GlobalReport role if a user has GlobalRead, as they'll already be able to run reports.

Unless you have a need to nail-down a role's visibility to only a particular resource group, or a particular storage object, I wouldn't bother with a custom role in this situation.  The built-in "GlobalRead" role should get you exactly what you're looking for.  That would be the only role I'd assign to the account.


We have GlobalRead enabled and are not getting success.

This is a linux install, and when we granted Sudo Bash to the user it works.  That implies that you need to be root (which was the account used for installation).

What we are hoping to find is a way to delegate this access without the sudo bash requirement.


This user account should definitely not require root or sudo access.  DFM relies on the hosting operating system's authentication system.  So, so long as the user is known to the linux server, you should be able to add it to DFM as an administrative user with the GlobalRead role.

Is this Linux server using an LDAP server for users?   If so, you may need to configure LDAP within the DFM server.