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Error While creating Initiator group


Hi All,

I am trying to create a initiator group to map my new lun on my filer (NETP3)  but was getting this error , Please tell if this is due to the WWPN is already included in an INITIATOR GROUP on the HA-PAIR partner filer.(NETP5)

The setup is like we have NETP3 and NETP5 HA-PAIR with 8.1.1 7Mode. Please advise how to proceed.

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Re: Error While creating Initiator group


An initiator cannot be a member of two igroups of different OS types. For example, if you have an initiator that belongs to a windows igroup, you can not add the same initiator to an linux igroup or vice versa.

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Re: Error While creating Initiator group




I am facing an issue around the initiator groups. The details are as below:

We had an IG on one of the Nodes (B), and unknowingly created another IG with the same name on my second node (A) .

The first IG on Node B already had  LUNs mapped to it. So I was not able to add WWNs to the created IG on Node A.

By CLI  (even with the -f force switch) too we were unable to add the WWNs to the new IG. So we renamed the IG on Node A.


As a work around, we created a third IG with a new name on the Node A, added the required WWNs to it and renamed it to the one present on Node  B.

But we are still not able to remove the empty IG on Node A that was renamed as the error message says this is because it is in use on the partner. 


Please can some once tell us whether the work around is correct and how can we delete the empty IG on Node A without affecting the live LUNs mapped on the node.

As it looks like the empty IG even after getting renamed is mapped to live LUns via some GUID in background






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