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Error after dfm admin password change



i have SnapManager for Oracle version: 3.3 installed on redhat servere where oracle DBMS is installed and DFM 5.2.1 installed in Windows 2008 R2. I changed in windows my dfm admin account password (forgotted) but now i have this error:

[WARN] SMO-02032: Error while protecting backup: FLOW-11019: Failure in DatasetMemberSync: SD-10028: SnapDrive Error (id:2369 code:107) Unable to connect to the DFM psm-mgmt, reason: HTTP POST - Authorization failed
[WARN] SMO-02022: Exception while pruning backups for retain policy: SMO-06039: 0 backup(s) were successfully deleted. Failed to delete 1 backups due to following errors: SMO-02039: Unable to delete backup of dataset: SMO-01601: Protection Manager is temporarily unavailable.


i suppose SMO has dfm user password saved somewhere but i don't know where, can someone please help?



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