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Error while importing dashboard from Harvest to Graphana


Hello Experts,


I am in process to build Graphana, Graphite & NetApp Harvest tool in my storage environment.  Following are some information about my new setup.


     # Installed NetApp Harvest Tools on RHEL 7.x host.

     # Installed/configured Graphite & Graphana on another RHEL 7.x host.


While importing the default dashboard to Graphana from Harvest server, I am getting below error.  Not sure why ?



[OK ] Will import dashboards to [https://localhost:3000]
[OK ] Dashboard directory is [/opt/netapp-harvest/grafana]
[ERROR ] Unable to establish TCP connection to localhost:3000 []
[ERROR ] Exiting due to fatal error.



I am using installation guide (NetApp Harvest Installation and Administration Guide 1.3) & installed below package on host.




Thank you in advance !!!







Re: Error while importing dashboard from Harvest to Graphana





In the netapp-harvest.conf file you have a parameter called grafana_url that determines where netapp-manager -upload will post the dashboards to.  In your case it looks like:


grafana_url = https://localhost:3000

The format is correct and it will try to connect to the Grafana server on the localhost, port 3000, using https.  You mentioned that you have Grafana installed on another server so you would need to update localhost to be whatever name or IP address of this server.  Also, verify you are using https (and not http) and you have Grafana running on port 3000.  If you fix that up I think you'll be in business.  I usually load the Grafana GUI and then copy/paste that URL into this config parameter.  





Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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