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Event: Aggregate Overcommitted


The overcommitted threshold set at 100% is breached. 350.00 TB (202.11%) of 173.17 TB is committed. 5.24 TB (3.03%) is used.


Data Capacity     173.17 TB           100.00%
Used                    5.25 TB               3.03%  
Free                     167.92 TB           96.97%
snapreserve 0%
we set overcommited threshold to 100% which is 173.17TB
total space on volume capacity on this aggregate was 5.24 TB(3.03% was used so far)  considersing VOlume gaurentee, But how this 350.00 TB has been calculated when there is no commitment 
for 200%
Jayaprakash Nathan

Re: Event: Aggregate Overcommitted


Hi Jayaprakash,

The default Aggregate Overcommitted value is 100%, this means that an event is created in OCUM when the sum of all (thin) provisioned volume sizes exceeds 173.17 TB.


Could you please provide the output of "df -Ag" and "df -g"? I assume that you created one or more thin provisioned volumes and that the size of all volumes is 350 TB. When OCUM polled the controller after the volumes were created it created the event you are referring to.


Best regards


Re: Event: Aggregate Overcommitted


This might be related as well (having just run into this myself):


Look at the max size the volume(s) can grow to, if auto grow is enabled. OCUM calculates that overcommitment based on the max size the volumes can grow to, not their current size.



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Re: Event: Aggregate Overcommitted


Good catch Richard!

Re: Event: Aggregate Overcommitted


I agree


but our aggregate  volumes  options   are  set to  Autogrow Maximum Size: Disabled  Autogrow Incremental Size: Disabled


which includes lS MIrrored volume which one one GB


@richard_payne wrote:

This might be related as well (having just run into this myself):


Look at the max size the volume(s) can grow to, if auto grow is enabled. OCUM calculates that overcommitment based on the max size the volumes can grow to, not their current size.






Re: Event: Aggregate Overcommitted


Hi i a have a similar issue pls find below the output:requesting the solution for this

Volume                          Allocated            Used       Guarantee

vol0                          161198852KB      32176340KB          volume

vmdatastore_04_dr             451523876KB     448080780KB            none

vmdatastore_20_dr            1141868744KB    1137584740KB            none

nightflight_2_dr             1412257084KB    1404239704KB            none

vmdatastore_26_dr             589726368KB     586030644KB            none

WpSVEFD_dr                    451471476KB     448634856KB            none

mbcnetapp2_vol0_dr             28965864KB      12199836KB            none

vmdatastore_16_dr             208202812KB     204745448KB            none

vmdatastore_06_dr             612765624KB     609326572KB            none

vmdatastore_07_dr             603354520KB     596712832KB            none

vmdatastore_08_dr               7338768KB       3748408KB            none

vmdatastore_09_dr             755696688KB     749457488KB            none

vmdatastore_10_dr             809062736KB     801967064KB            none

exclus_mdb_1_dr               379584512KB     266779652KB          volume

exclus_mdb_2_dr               342680460KB     220428780KB          volume

exclus_mdb_3_dr               369040496KB     208006372KB          volume

exclus_mdb_4_dr               347952468KB     241470368KB          volume

exclus_mdb_5_dr               527200708KB     294136348KB          volume

exclus_pdb_dr                  68536092KB      46745316KB          volume

SQLBackups                      7667952KB       5700596KB            none

vmdatastore_01_dr             408067576KB     404625504KB            none

vmdatastore_02_dr             589933708KB     586492940KB            none

vmdatastore_03_dr             723804284KB     720364308KB            none

vmdatastore_15_dr             459061960KB     455618004KB            none

vmdatastore_05_dr             429866860KB     426404364KB            none

exclus_mlogs_1_dr              55781844KB      55441160KB            none

exclus_mlogs_2_dr              39842268KB      39586896KB            none

exclus_mlogs_3_dr              76021760KB      29870784KB          volume

exclus_mlogs_4_dr              55551812KB      55197140KB            none

exclus_mlogs_5_dr              41408056KB      41071020KB            none

exclus_plogs_dr                  357432KB         27524KB            none

nightflight_1_dr             1440410584KB    1432746048KB            none

v_frdclgfs01_root                 15312KB          8652KB            none

vmdatastore_17_dr             738854408KB     735223908KB            none

CIF_SHARE                     592178268KB     582761416KB            none

mbcnetapp1_vol0_dr             24118576KB      16830604KB            none

netappsoftware_dr               5677776KB       4756040KB            none

vmdatastore_11_dr            1964499560KB    1954255784KB            none

vmdatastore_12_dr             402965852KB     397512580KB            none

vmdatastore_13_dr             561519380KB     558079900KB            none

vmdatastore_14_dr             377462316KB     374022484KB            none

vmdatastore_18_dr             785735380KB     781592320KB            none

Capsapp_dr                     43260572KB      42826368KB            none

vmdatastore_19_dr             158345600KB     155330888KB            none

vmdatastore_24_dr             356563220KB     353123668KB            none

v_frdclgfs01_data            1828255116KB    1814790568KB            none

vmdatastore_23_dr             295827888KB     292824956KB            none

vmdatastore_25_dr             237796848KB     234135900KB            none


Aggregate                       Allocated            Used           Avail

Total space                 21969280316KB   20863693872KB    1399695528KB

Snap reserve                          0KB             0KB             0KB

WAFL reserve                 2603628288KB       7044692KB    2596583596KB

Re: Event: Aggregate Overcommitted


Thank you, Richard.  This helped me out today.

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