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Firmware / Software update examples?


Has anyone built any workflows that performs firmware updates, e.g. disk / controller / etc to a specified storage controller?




There are quite a few workflows that have been posted on the community that address your need.

I've delved into the community content posts and unearthed the following:

1: Day-0 Workflow Example - Tons of automated setup (

    I believe this should suffice for you though you need to extract relevant steps from the workflow and stitch them.The workflow is enormous and you probably would  want to focus on the following steps of the workflow:

    a. Upgrade ONTAP software

    b. Upgrade system firmware

    c. Update diskshelf firmware

    d. Update disk firmware

    e. Update RLM firmware


     Pre-Requisite :  As mentioned in the corresponding post, you would need a Linux host to act as a "Jump Host" / software repository to store approved versions of OnTap software, firmware, disk firmware, SSH keys, etc 

2: Day-0 Workflow Example - Install / Update ONTAP software (

    The workflow mentioned here installs or updates ONTAP software.

    The idea is that the Linux Jump Host has a software repository that contains the go-to ONTAP images from where the software images are copied to  /etc/software on the controller

     This workflow needs to be converted into a bigger workflow for a complete automation solution by adding the following dependent workflows

      a. Day-0 Command Example - Make a Directory on a Linux Host (

               - controller's vol0 volume is exported and mounted on the "Jump host"

      b. Day-0 Command Example - Mount an Export on a Linux Host (

               - Linux "Jump host" is used to mount vol0 from a Controller and copy software images into the /etc/software directory on the Controller

      c. Day-0 Command Example - Copy File on Linux Host (

               - Copies a file(ONTAP images) from a source directory(software repository) to a destination directory(/etc/software folder on the controller)

     Pre-Requisites : Linux host

3: Day-0 Command Example - Controller Software Update (

     This workflow updates controller software.

     Pre-Requisite: Software file must already be in the controller's /etc/software directory

Hope this information is of help!


That's great Tanzim!

Thanks for the summary and the effort.