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Get Workflow failure on 4.2RC1


We are still facing get workflow failure after editing a workflow and now the workflow has completely become 'zombied'.


We cannot open it / edit it, and basically can't get it back.


Anyone having these issues?



Yes, we've seen this a lot as well on WFA 4.1 (have not yet tested 4.2).


The only case where I know this happening for sure is when I change the parameters of a finder that is already in use by a workflow. That workflow is guaranteed to go "zombie" on me.


I've managed to bring a workflow back in the past by editing the backend database using the root login, but it's messy and not at all straight forward. The only other solution I know of is to restore from a backup, fortunately WFA does daily backups by default. Considering how often I've been running in the problem I usually take a manual backup now whenever I start working on existing workflows.




Well, I can now tell you that this also happens with version 4.2.

Bang. "get workflow failure". Last task of the day was to export the workflow ...

Looks as if the whole days work is lost. Can't open the workflow, can't export it.

What a nightmare. I am open to suggestions.



Appreciate the response.. But we need netapp to address these issues.


We attempted to use RESTAPI to dump DAR files of the workflows with UUID's, and we were going to upload to our GIT, but the RESTAPI didn't even work.. We might open a case and escalate the issue.

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