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GlobalRead access issue


Hi All,

I have created a separate user for the machine where I have DFM server installed. Then added this user as administrative user in DFM Web console and assigned it GlobalRead permission.

Now I am trying to connect to the DFM server with that user. When I use Web console, I can see all the information in Web UI, bet when I use the same user to connect to the server through DFM API, I get following exception:

netapp.manage.NaAPIFailedException: User XXXX does not have permission to proxy the API lun-list-info to host YYYY. (errno=22256)

When I assign GlobalFullControl role to the user instead of GlobalRead role, the issue is gone and I can get data.

What I need is to be able to retrieve data through user with GlobalRead permission, which seems is possible.

Can anyone help me with this? Do I need to do some additional configuration on DFM side?

Thanks a lot for your help.



I want to add another important point here that I missed.

I am using DFM API api-proxy to call ontap-api's lun-list info function. And the error I get is related to that call.


Hello Hasmik,

Did you find out anything how to avoid the below error and still continue with the  GlobalRead permission.

Even I have a similar case wherein my developer team gets the same error as below.

2014-08-12 15:59:02,847 ERROR [pool-21-thread-1] NetAppOntapiNfsExportsService5: NetApp - Unable to obtain Nfs Exports for Device Name: <vfiler name> Id: 5279.  NaAPIFailedException. THIRD_PARTY_ERROR: User svcstg_infradev does not have permission to proxy the API nfs-exportfs-list-rules to host 168437. (errno=22256).

The user with which they run their API calls was having GlobalRead access and it CANT be promoted for GlobalFullControl.

Please advice.