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Grafana don't show any metrics


Hey all,


We have installed 3 Servers:

1x Grafana

1x Graphite

1x NetApp Harvest


We can see that Harvest delivers the data to the graphite server. We see the data under /opt/carbon/whisper/netapp/poller/perf/<groupname>/<clustername>

The test of the connection from Grafana to Graphite under datasources is also successfull. But we don't see any data in the dashboards.

I checked multiple logfiles and I have no idea where the issue is located.


Could someone help me with that?






I found the issue. graphite web pointed to another directory.



can you suggest which config files were pointing to different files?




Config files are not the issue, it's the path to the counter data that is expected by Grafana. The default is /opt/graphite/storage/whisper/netapp/{perf, capacity}. So in this situtation, you can either (1) change the graphite/carbon path, (2) you can create symbolic links or (3) you can change the paths in Grafana dashboards.

I have another issue, which I don't understand.


If I open the SVM dashboard I can see the groups the clusters, the SVMs and so on.


If I open the cluster dashboard, I can see the groups and nothing more.


Do you have an idea what the issue could be?

In my case the config of graphite-web was not pointing to the right whisper folder.


I installed graphite via the yum package and changed the path from /var/lib/... to /opt/... but did not change the web config file.

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