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Granular Performance Monitoring

Guys, with DFM and 7-mode I could create detailed performance dashboards on nearly any metric. this seems to all be gone with OUCM. For example, we currently have an issue with CIFS performance and seems we have to use the perstat tool to gather up the metrics to file and create our own histograms etc. is there no functionality in OUCM to gather detailed perf data?

Re: Granular Performance Monitoring


Hi darraghos,


digging into each and every performance counter is not what OCUM 7.x is designed for.

If you need to dig deeper, I suggest to have a look at Grafana - an open source project to visualize performance data.


One of my colleagues offers an all-in-one vApp with Grafite, Grafana and an automated way to install the NetApp Managability SDK (NMSDK) and Harvest (the ONTAP performance collector) with pre-defined dashboards to directly get you going.

Please have alook here:


You can also set up a server yourself with Grafite and Grafana. The only things you need from NetApp then are:





For all questions on Harvest please consult the NetApp Community as it's not a software that's covered under NetApp support agreement.



regards, Niels


[Edit: added information and links to NMSDK]



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Re: Granular Performance Monitoring

Thanks so much for that info!
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