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Graphic representation of FCP Queue Depth in Performance Advisor


Is there a graphic way to represent the FCP Queue Depth of a given physical adapter?  That value is available by FCP Stat command line on a one-time basis, and it could be scripted to collect in a separate table and graphed in Excel. 

There is a graph labeled Queue, but it appears to be cumulative over time, and currently represents a value in the millions, and clearly does not reflect the realities of the situation.

My customer is seeing queue values that are significantly above 0 when spot checking, and wants to see trends and/or correlate those values with latency measurements taken from the hosts using that target.



For clarity, the version of OnCommand is 5.1



I've tried this myself.  the target:queue_depth_hba counter *should* tell you what the queue depth is for a given FC target port on the filer.  However, as you mentioned, when I examine the values in Performance Advisor, I see some ridiculous number.  So I don't know if we can extract anything meaningful from this counter.

BTW, there is a view built into Performance Advisor which charts when the queue depth reports that its full.  Highlight a target port and examine the "Target Basic" view.  One of the charts in that view is "Queue Full".  According to ONTAP this is the SCSI queue full responses per second.  This might work better for you than the queue_depth_hba counter.



Hi Matthew,

     If there is an equivalent counter in the counter manager, then you can make a graphical view using custom view of Performance Advisor.



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