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Graphs not working in OnCommand Unified Manager (Performance Advisor)



In OnCommand Unified Manager (Performance Advisor), some graphs show no data at all (such as Volume IOPS view).


i followed this kb:

but i haven't resolved the issue.


For some counter groups i see only data from 10 to 17 July !!! but the file is big and grows..


C:\Users\aovfdstest>dfm perf data describe -v volume netapp-br

   Counter Group:       volume

   Host Name:           netapp-br

   File Name:           perf_50_130_159    

   Number Records:      10080

   Sample Rate:         1.0 minutes

   Max Records:         80640

   Used Space:          858 MB

   Max Projected Space: 6.58 GB

   Oldest Record:       Thu Jul 10 12:59:12 2014

   Newest Record:       Thu Jul 17 13:47:59 2014


all counters are enabled.


If i switch to "real time" i see correctly the graphs !!!, when return to "historical" i see only the old july data..


Please help me ..


many thanks,


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