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HCP + OCI...


OCI customers may be aware that we have had a few datasources we had marked as "deprecated" because we intended to re-write them against our "storage" schema. This would allow them to:


Be annotatable

Me More easily extensible by OCI engineering

Support the possibility of OCI engineering implementing performance support.


Well, that time is is now for HCP - Hitachi's object platform. I can get you early access to a data source patch that will allow you to deploy this re-written data source that will:


Add object count support for buckets and namespaces

Introduce performance support


We intend to ship this in the next OCI Data Source Service Pack and maintenance release, but this *missed* the freeze of those that we released a week ago, so the next ones are some number of months out.


If this is interesting to you, ping me at ostiguy at netapp dot com





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