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HELP: OneCollect 1.7 - InsightIQ - syntax error near unexpected token `done'


I am working with a customer to complete a OneCollect data collection on their Isilon clusters and their InsightIQ server.  We are using ActiveIQ OneCollect 1.7.  The data output for the InsightIQ server contains errors for all of the queries that result in output groups.  The single command output items seem to work correctly.  The error being received is:  

syntax error near unexpected token `done'

This is an example of the query line for one of the groups receiving the error:

`iiq_data_export perf export -c odcisilon -d cache_all_read_hitrate -b l2_both_read_hit_pct -i 2D -f -n /tmp/${iiqcluster}_iiq_data_export_perf_export_2day_l2_both_cachereadhitpct.csv; cat /tmp/${iiqcluster}*.csv;rm -f /tmp/${iiqcluster}*.csv; done;'

Anyone run into this and have a quick fix?  I would like to be able to get this data collection run ASAP.


Greg Simmons





Hope the query is solved in other forum. If not I will send you a PM on updated collection profile.



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