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HELP - looking for official scripting information for Operations Manager


Hello ... I am cutting and pasting an email exchange between myself and a customer's request for documention help on alerts and scripting.  Customer reply is in red; again we are looking for official documentation which i am guessing is not in the normal documentation; is there any white papers or other documents available.  Qualcomm and NetApp have mutal NDAs and any information recieved here will be passed through the account team first before going to the customer.

Thanks in advance!


Hello all

A recap.

Qualcomm wants to “plug in” a script between the event generator in Operations Manager and their own management tool ( Centauri ).

Their script that messages their management tool is a complied, standalone Perl executable that needs no additional infrastructure.  A wrapper script around the complied script is what will collect information from DFM … based on the DFM event generated in the form of marcro variables.  The variables are passed to the complied script which then sends information to their tool.

OUTLINE version

1.     DFM generates an event

2.     DFM executes the wrapper script ( feeding it the marco variables based on the type of event )

3.     The wrapper then feeds the complied script

4.     The complied script runs on its own to alert their messaging system.

-- work complete

From NetApp, need to locate any additional information ( document, resource, etc ) that can assist in the interface between the DFM alert and passing variables to a script.

Reference - ( page 99 on PDF )

Is this correct?

Yes, this is good. The example in the documentation describing sending an email is good. I'd like to see similar documentation for calling a script and using variables such as  "DFM_QUOTA_FILE_SYSTEM_NAME" within that script.

Thanks, ~Dwight Fromm - Qualcomm, inc



Some more additional info on how to access OM data through APIs through NM SDK -

Out of curiosity, what are marcro/marco variables?


Every time an event is generated in DFM you can attach a script, which in this case could be your wrapper script.

In addition, every time an event is generated several environment variables are set, that are available to the script.  These variables are automatic, and contain the critical information about the event, such as the source, severity, timestamp, host, volume, etc.  You can get a full detail of the environment varibles in the following KB article - KB3103.

There is also sample perl code in that you can put in an event to get a sense of the information available.


You could also look at the FAQ: 7.5 Which environment variables are passed to the alarm script by the DataFabric Manager server?




Hello all

Thank you for the replies, I will reviewing them now.

The SDK I do not believe has what they need because they are not asking for API hooks, they are looking for varaibles passed down through the event.  I will forward this info anyway just in case.

In the KB example:

there is a list of varaibles; are these ALL the variables that are available?  Looks like the customer is asking for one not on the KB article list, would that be in the SDK?

the FAQ -

has more varaibles listed but is this the complete list.

Without expierence in writing interfaces myself, it is hard for me to articulate to them if this information is what they need..  It may have to come as part of a larger discussion.

Stay tunned for more information on this thread, I am sure they will come back with other questions.


I have reached out to the program manager and am working on that as a seperate thread; what i am hoping to find here is an invidiual with programmatic expierence with working with DFM alerts to create a sample script that can "pull" varaible information from the alert generated.  This sample script I will give to the customer for review and it should be enough for them to carry on.