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Harvest not collecting FabricPool statistics for some nodes of a cluster


Harvest is not collecting statistics for FabricPools from some nodes of a cluster but is collecting for other nodes. 


We're running Harvest 1.6 in NaBox

NAbox 2.5.1 (2019-09-08) 

Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) - NAbox 2.5.1 (8.11) 

NetApp SDK v9.7P1 installed 
Harvest v1.6 installed 
Grafana v6.3.5 installed 
Graphite v1.2.0 installed 


The Grafana dashboards for Nodes 01-06 report object storage latency, reqs per second, throughput, success/failure count. Data for Nodes 07-10 are either blank or report 'No Data Points'. Latency, for example is from the Graphite tree: 

netapp, perf, $Group, $Cluster, node, $Node, fabricpool, average_latency, total-latency


No data is being collected by Harvest for any 'object_store_client_op' with an instance of '0'


# ./perf-counters-utility -host  -user user -pass secret -in -f object_store_client_op
## Connected successfully to running 97P1
0: node07:kernel:0
0: node08:kernel:0
0: node09:kernel:0
0: node10:kernel:0
1: node02:kernel:1
2: node01:kernel:2
2: node04:kernel:2
2: node05:kernel:2
2: node06:kernel:2
4: node03:kernel:4



These will return the expected metrics for the expected nodes

# ./perf-counters-utility -host  -user user -pass secret -d -f object_store_client_op -n 2

# ./perf-counters-utility -host  -user user -pass secret -d -f object_store_client_op -n 4


This returns a syntax error

# ./perf-counters-utility -host  -user user -pass secret -d -f object_store_client_op -n 0

## Connected successfully to running 97P1
ERROR: -d requires the use of -u or -n.

Usage: perf-counters-utility -host <host> -user <user> -pass <pass> [-o|-in|-c|-d] [-f <family>] [-n <name> | -u <uuid>]


This same pattern repeats across multiple clusters, where any non-0 instance data is gathered and instance 0 data is not. Any assistance would be appreciated.



Hi Greg,


Harvest does not emit counter data if the values are Nulls, most likely this is the case for your node 07-10. For the performance utility: try using uuid instead of name:



# ./perf-counters-utility -host  -user user -pass secret -d -f object_store_client_op -u node01:kernel:2



@vachagan_gratian  Thanks for the reply.


Harvest doesn't report any stats by UUID either ...


# ./perf-counters-utility -host  host -user username -pass password -d -f object_store_client_op -n node07:kernel:0
## Connected successfully to host running 97P1
API call failed with reason: For object_store_client_op object, no instances were found to match the given query


but ONTAP does have stats for the specific object/counter and node/instance pair.


dc1h201::statistics*> show -object object_store_client_op -instance 0 -counter stats -node node07 -raw true

Object: object_store_client_op
Instance: 0
Start-time: 4/28/2020 08:45:50
End-time: 4/28/2020 08:45:50
Scope: node07

    Counter                                                     Value
    -------------------------------- --------------------------------
    stats                                                           -
                         put.success                         71555102
                         put.failure                              186
                         get.success                        963443696
                         get.failure                              531
                      delete.success                         45992007
                        head.success                            56370


There are a total of 25 counters in ONTAP for this object and they all have data. I only selected 1 for illustration purposes.

use the flag -u instead of -n for UUIDs

Oops, the '-u node07:kernel:0' does return all the stats.

are those also non-empty as in the CLI?

Yes they are 





@vachagan_gratian, I would take a look at this, but maybe you know off the top of your head ?


Is it possibily a bug in Harvest when -n is zero?

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