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Help with Dataset conformance



I an trying to set up some datasets, with storage provisioned by WFA which I am also new too.


I have a Dataset to mirror data, with a local backup schedule and mirror schedule applied to it. If I provision a volume/mirror in WFA and add it to the dataset the volume is added in to the dataset ok but with a different snapshot schedule to the one on the Dataset.  I dont define any snapshot settings so I guess its just default.


The Dataset doesnt error, shouldnt it show as non conformant if there are volumes/relationships in the Dataset if they dont match the Datset schedules? Or do I need to set the SS schedule in WFA?



I presume this is for 7Mode Data ONTAP. If so, the datasets manage the schedules itself from the DFM server and not stored in the controller. Also, the schedules are not the one on which conformance is run.




Hi Adai,


Thanks for your reply and yes this is 7 mode.


Perhaps I have misunderstood the dataset/confromance piece.  I thought that a dataset would apply common policies ( i am looking at snapshot / snapmirror schedules) to a group of volumes.  And if Volume/Snapmirror relationship do not match it would show up as an error (non conformant).


is that not the case?

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