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Historical aggregate usage Unified manager 6




Is there any way to to show used aggregate (or cluster) capacity over time. I can do reports in Unifed manager 6 on current but fail to find old data, except that I can see that it exists in some views, like under storage/aggregate/history but that is not usable for a report. We use clustered ontap.


Kind regards




I have installed the Eclipse/Birt in LOD, but dont see any historical tables - just current info. How do you see the historical capacity tables for vols and Aggrs?




The historical view should be available in UM 6.3 as per the documentation cited above. Refer pages 22 and 23 for details.


This is also confirmed on the below forum:





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There are capacity graphs that can be viewed that are for 1 week, 1 month and 1 year.


The following database views are available:

• ackevents
• acktoresolvedandobsoleteevents
• aggregatecapacityutilization
• aggregatecapacityutilizationhistory
• basicevents
• clusterinventoryreport
• clusterunconfiguredcapacitymapping
• daywiseeventstatustrendchart
• diskcapacitymapping
• eventseveritytrendchart
• eventseveritytrendhelper
• eventstatecharthelper
• eventupdatedates
• halevelmapping
• hapairview
• lunnodecapacitymapping
• newevents
• newtoresolvedandobsoleteevents
• nfsexport
• nodelevelcapacitymapping
• protectunprotectvolumeview
• qtreecapacityutilization
• storagesummary
• svminventoryreport
• unprotectvolumeview
• volumecapacityutilization
• volumecapacityutilizationhistory
• volumenodecapacitymapping
• volumerelationshiphistorychartcountview
• volumerelationshiphistorychartview
• volumerelationshiphistorydayview
• volumerelationshiphistorymonthview
• volumerelationshiphistoryview
• volumerelationshiphistoryweekview
• volumerelationshiphistoryyearview
• volumerelationshipinventoryview


For details refer pages 22 and 23 of the documentation below:


You can also build your own reports using a tool called eclipse.




Hope this helps.




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