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   I am not sure of where to post this on here, but, I am not familiar with NetApp or NetApp systems at all, and I managed to end up with a pile of drives which have a NetApp firmware on them..  I was wondering if anyone could help me either find people who might want the NetApp firmware drives, or, perhaps help me to put some more standard firmware on the drives so that they will play nice with my controllers / other controllers...


               If anyone could either help me get these to a standard firmware OR point me in the right direction toward people who might need/want to buy them, I will pay money to you. No problem. I just have no idea of what I am doing with the NetApp anything. I've tried all kinds of firmwares for the drives and I'm either not doing it right, or the drives didn't like it, etc, I am just lost over there with this. 



Thank you for restoring it but I figured out how to make them into 512 drives now
I appreciate it though
PS: I most are still 520 netapp drives though and I have 59 drives total here if anyone needs any. They are loud and fast and generate a lot of heat. I love SAS drives !