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How can I get historical deleted volume size information out of DFM?


IHAC who has asked me to determine "where the capacity growth" has come from over the past year. He has a DFM/OCC server from which we can (hopefully) mine the historical data.

The challenge is that there are several thousand volumes/datasets and most of them have been migrated into new volumes or renamed over the last year as part of a tech refresh, so to get the historical sizes of many datasets I need to access the size that a since-deleted volume had a year ago.

Is this possible? If yes, how can I access the data? Would OC Report be of assistance in this situation?

Thanks in advance for any ideas/advice!




Hi Jon,

     There is no straightforward way to get this data. Once the volume is deleted on the controller the same is marked as deleted in dfm database and cannot be access except for the deleted volumes report.

The only way to do this is to access the db, which is not allowed or supported. Also starting version 5.2 which is around the corner we purge all mark-deleted instances from the database.

This is basically a trending or forecasting use case which is not handled in OCUM today. I would recommend you look and OnCommand Insight to see if they solve this.





You can get the deleted volume history from custom report generation on DFM.

Go to Customer Report. in base Catelog select the volume and chose from available filed for volume deleted by and geneate the rerport.


Bhola Gond


Hi bondbhola,

thanks for responding! Custom reports let me select the "Volume Used Capacity" for the deleted volumes, which I take it was the last update of the capacity used before the time of deletion. What I need is not the size when the volume was deleted but at some earlier time, basically a snapshot of the environment on a given day, ideally as a list: 'here are all the volumes that existed on day X and the used capacity for each of these volumes on that day'.

I've tried to get at the data in my lab using

dfm graph -s <365DaysInSeconds> -e -<364DaysInSeconds> volume-usage-1y <objectname>

however it complains ("no such object") when I use object IDs listed in the volumes-deleted report, which could be because of my lab environment or it could be because DFM doesn't retain this data for deleted volumes. I'm wondering if I'm going about this the wrong way or if the data I need isn't in DFM.




Hi Jon,

I followed the same steps, and i am able to get the volume list which is deleted. and also cross verify with old messages file and i found its correct.

its look like that thare is no data in dfm.


Bhola Gond

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