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How can we add a listing of directories in a volume to Active IQ Unified Manager alerts


We use OCUM to create alerts when a volume his 80% and 90% utilization, but we would really like to have a directory listing of the directories in that volume added to the alert description field.  Is there way to easily do this or do we have to switch to using a custom script to create and send the alerts?  We are currently using Active IQ Unified Manager 9.6P1.





I think you are asking about the Folders located inside the Volume presented via NAS or SAN Protocols ?


No. This is not possible via OCUM/AUM: OCUM alerts are based on the EMS (Event Management system) which collects data from ONTAP kernel, and it is not desgined to do that.


You will need to use custom or Host side application/script to achieve the same.




We had a script that would generate the e-mails and format them the way that we are looking for using the df command, but then we switched to the OCUM/ActiveIQ method as it seemed cleaner.  If we were to call that external script, is there a way to parse that output into the e-mail generated by OCUM/ActiveIQ or the only workflow is to execute the script when conditions are met and all of the formatting is handle by our script and not OCUM/ActiveIQ?


In the OCUM/AUM 9.6 and I think even previous versions, when you setup an Alert, there is an 'Action' tab which basically allows you to add or associate a script with your ALERT. What that means is that : When an alert is generated for an event in Unified Manager, an alert email is sent to the specified recipients and if you have associated an alert with a script, the script is executed.


It is covered here:


I have never used this feature, but after reading the documentation it appears to me that it is used for running a command on the FILER to get more details perhaps or to do something in resposne to that event.

If your intention is to generate a list of folders/Dir and their sizes for the 'Volume Space Full' or 'Volume Space Nearly Full' Altert email, then I am afraid you may have to do this outside of OUCM using your custom (like 'du' in *nix.)


As you said - execute the script when conditions are met.